Wellness Care and Diagnostic Packages

Huge Savings with our packages!

The aging process for our pets varies based on many factors. It is commonly thought that 1 year of a dog’s life is equal to 7 years of our lives. This is incorrect. The first 1-2 years of a dog’s life are when the dog reaches maturity.

There is a lot we can do to help pets age well, provided we know what is happening in their bodies. More frequent check-ups and simple tests will help us keep ahead of the aging process. To this end we have developed wellness/diagnostic testing packages to allow us to give you a much better idea of the overall health of your pet. Even better, these packages give you at least 20% savings on the regular cost of these services plus a 20% savings on any dental procedure throughout the year. These packages are outlined below:

Adult wellness/diagnostic package (for pets 1-6 years old): Includes the doctor examination/consultation, blood test (CBC-Chem6), heartworm test, urinalysis, and stool check for parasites. Any vaccinations needed are also 20% off!

Senior wellness/diagnostic package (for pets 7years and over): this package is the same as the Adult wellness/diagnostic package with the addition of: a more extensive blood test (CBC-SuperChem), Thyroid test, blood pressure check, glaucoma check, and full body xrays to rule out any serious disease. Any vaccinations needed are also 20% off!

Why do we discount these packages? We feel very strongly that if pet owners make the commitment to be pro-active with their pet’s health, then we want to help them make it more affordable to do so. These packages accomplish those goals.

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