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Wellness Plans for Large Dogs

Care for your large dog's preventive healthcare needs with our Pet Wellness Plans. Our plans for large dogs include all of the preventive services your big buddy needs into good long-term health and well-being.

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Large Dogs

Wellness Plan

Only$4500Per Month

Save Over $88/Year

Large Dogs, Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital

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*Excludes food and outsourced veterinary services.

Cost Comparison

Large Dog Wellness Plan

50.1-100 lbs as an adult

Services Without Plan With Plan
Annual Core Vaccinations with Wellness Exam $129.40
Fecal Exam $52.80
Heartworm Test $52.80
6-month Wellness Exam $56.00
12 Month Supply of Flea & Tick Prevention $213.98
12 Month Supply of Heartworm Prevention $133.98
Total $628.96 $540.00
SAVE $88.96

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