Special Offers


50% OFF

Exam/consultation fee on your first visit

Some restrictions apply. Only 2 pets per family at 50% off, must be regularly scheduled examinations, will not apply to walk-in appointments or emergency walk-in visits. Also the 50% off applies to the exam fee only. All other recommended treatments, diagnostics, or services are at our regular fees and cannot be combined with our other special offers.

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend, neighbor or relative. You will get $25 credited to your account to use on future veterinary services and your “friend” will receive $25 off their first exam fee.

20% OFF Packages

  • Puppy and Kitten: Save 20% off your doctor visits and all the care your puppy or kitten will need in the first year! This includes also 20% off spay/neuter and microchips.

Continuing Specials

  • No-Risk Dental Evaluation:
    Want an unbiased opinion about your pet’s dental health status? Here is how it works: call today to schedule the initial dental evaluation if you are a new client to our hospital. If, after the consultation, you end up doing the procedure at our hospital, we will credit back to you the cost of the initial consultation.
  • FREE Pedicure: Nail Trim (non-Dremel) with a paid doctor exam when you “check in” on Facebook and Yelp.
  • First Responders Discount: All military personnel, firefighters, and police officers get 20% of the examination/office visit fee. (Thank you for keeping us safe!)
  • Heartworm Test Discount: Purchase a 6 month supply of heartworm preventative from us and save $15 on the cost of the in house test
  • Revolution: Get cash back, ask for details or go to zoetispetcarerewards.com
  • Rimadyl Rewards: Get cash back, ask for details or go to zoetispetcarerewards.com
  • Trifexis Rebate: Purchase a 6 month supply and receive a $10 rebate or a 12 month supply a $25 rebate!
  • Bravecto: Buy 2 doses and receive a $15 rebate, Buy 4 doses and receive a $35 rebate
  • Interceptor: Buy 12 doses and receive $15 rebate
  • Senior Citizen Discount: 20% off the examination fee