I have taken my pets to several vets, for 2nd, 3rd opinions, also if I don’t like how the Vet “treated” or examined my dogs. After a stressful visit at another Vet Clinic, I looked on yelp for good reviews, and caring staff & Dr.s. I found Advanced Vetrinary Care- practially in my own backyard! Here in Poway.

I made an appointment for my senior doggie, Casey. The staff was very kind. Still, I waited to take her in. Had to fill out paperwork, of course.

Then we were called in, & saw Dr. Gordon.

  1. I was SO impressed at how attentive the staff was, while checking my doggie in!
  2. When we saw Dr. Gordon, a Vet Tech held Casey, and comforted her (which I usually do), while the Dr. checked her, examined her, a full on examination! I was impressed!
  3. The Dr. took care in prescribing meds, I brought her back for a procedure- I was never pressured into doing anything that wasn’t needed.
  4. She had to have a loose tooth pulled, and had a bad cough. Which was punomia. She’s much better now.
  5. I was also impressed that Dr.Gordon called & emailed me. Wow. Also, I spoke to Dr. Halsey on the phone, and she answered all my questions, gave advice on giving the medication. (Casey doesn’t like pills). Again, wow, how nice.
  6. Jenn- the receptionist, was also so kind and helpful.

I was impressed with the whole clinic. I will take Casey back for a check in, then bring Sammy, my Husky, to get a tooth looked at. I trust these people- usually, you never get a call back or email from the Vet’s office.

Linda W., Poway, CA

We moved down to SD about a year ago, I went to a vet a lot closer to our house, but felt like I was always being upsold or told to do procedures that would put my dogs at risk for an optional treatment….until I found Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital. I read all the reviews and was really impressed so thought I would check them out. I have taken both my dogs in and each time they were friendly, honest and never pushing me to do un-necessary procedures. My dogs were well taken care of and the staff was great.

I also want to add that their follow up was beyond expectations, when my dog was sick, they called multiple times to make sure he was getting better – was awesome!

Highly recommend!

Erin G., San Diego, CA

My mom and I brought in our old gentleman dog, Rudy, to Dr Tara Haley. Dr Haley was so kind, and loving. She gave him a thorough exam, and spent loads of time with him! Dr Haley’s assistant, Christy, cuddled and comforted Rudy during his check up. She explained everything in detail, and treated our old boy with wisdom, and respect.

We also love Dr Perry!!

The whole office was warm and welcoming. Their love for animals, shines through their actions!!

Roxanne H., Escondido, CA

I wanted to write an update specifically to give kudos to Dr. Halsey. Really, I cannot say enough great things about her. My pup was diagnosed with renal failure and it hit me pretty hard. She strikes the right balance between compassion, hope, and staying realistic. She also takes her time to explain everything to you thoroughly and answer all of your questions. With her major assistance, we’re working on a treatment plan to help slow the progression of the disease and make my pup as comfortable as possible for however long she has left.

She and the entire staff have taken such good care of my Lucy this week. I’m truly grateful to them.

Katie W., San Diego, CA

Finding a vet that you like is seriously one of the most stressful things to do. After moving from the Bay and away from our usually Veterinarian (which by the way was no comparison to this one) we felt that it was important to have a place to take our Chiefy.

Now, Chief is a Pitbull and to be completely honest my boyfriend and I are always very nervous when he encounters new people, especially those that are handling him when he’s in pain.

After two visits and a follow up call in seriously so set on making this place our main Vet to take our baby boy. The staff and Dr. Haley all seemed like animal lovers who care more about the patient than the money, which you don’t find too often.

Needless to say, this place is worth the try because you and your pet will be so happy with the outcome!

Kc E., San Diego, CA

We just recently moved to SD from TX, on military orders. Having loved our vet back home, we were worried about finding one here who was just as wonderful. Our dog has had issues with chronic ear infections, and we took her to a vet clinic down the street from our new home. We were not at all impressed by the care (or the sky high bill and estimate for “necessary” recommended surgery) we received. A few days later, ACVH was recommended to us by a neighbor, and we took our dog there for a second opinion. Dr. Perry and the staff were amazing! They spent extra time going over our dog’s medical history and teaching us how we could rid her of the chronic infections. We are so grateful to have found ACVH and highly recommend them!

Megan D., Ramona, CA